Fight for 15 is a fight for our children’s future

Raising CaliforniaThe Raising California Together coalition released the following statement from Co-Chairs Tonia McMillian, family child care provider and Mark Friedman, Mayor of El Cerrito, in response to news that child care providers, other early educators, and parents from California and throughout the nation plan to join the “Fight for 15” movement today and related actions on April 15, 2015.

The actions call for fast food workers and other underpaid workers– including adjunct professors and child care professionals—to be paid $15 an hour and have the right to form a union without fear of retaliation. While McDonald’s workers have led this fight, the Fight for 15 is really about fighting for every American who works hard every day, yet still struggles to make ends meet.

Raising California Together has unified child care providers, child care agencies, parents, educators, clergy and interfaith networks, unions, small businesses, women’s and children’s advocates, community groups, and public health organizations around solutions that go beyond the minimum wage to lift families out of poverty.

“The Fight for 15 is a fight for our children’s future and a fight for access to the American Dream for all. Raising California Together is proud to stand with the California child care providers, parents, and center teachers who embody this fight.

“It’s the tireless work of early educators that engages the minds of our youngest learners. It’s the hours these hard-working women dedicate that empower parents to hold jobs with long days and irregular schedules. And it’s their fight for a voice in the child care system that offers hope we can ensure every California child succeeds in school, regardless of their parents’ income.

“It’s notable that California’s child care providers are leading in this fight for economic fairness despite being locked out of wage increases due to low provider reimbursement rates set by state regulators. Still, they recognize that when parents have access to fair wages and a voice to fight for middle-class jobs that are at the heart of the American Dream, our children have the best chance to succeed.”

Join us on April 15. article: Child care workers join fast-food workers’ fight for $15 an hour 

Our Child Care Providers are not just coming together to win a union voice. Our campaign is also about raising the standards and improving our state’s early education system. Click here to learn more.

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