Kern County members continue to push the board

april 14Members spoke out at the Board of Supervisors meeting to continue to push for investment in quality public services. We’re still pushing Supervisors to walk in our shoes for a day.

At the beginning of the session, the Board declared April “Child Abuse Protection Month.” Francisco Martinez, a Social Services Worker III, called the board out for embracing the concept of preventing child abuse but not investing in the services that can help prevent it. “You should take one hour out of your schedule to walk in our shoes. You’ve acknowledged today that the work we do is critical to the health and safety of our children and our community. Please make the time to put our community first.”

Our public actions are having an impact in negotiations and we need to continue to ramp up the pressure. In the next two weeks, each of us needs to commit to doing three things:

– Update your membership information and make sure you’re a full member
– Sign up for email, text messages and Facebook (
– Attend a rally or action at a worksite

We need more CAT members, more people participating in actions and more people helping pass good information through the worksites.

Our efforts now will directly affect the outcome of our negotiations. Talk to a CAT to get involved or become a CAT if there isn’t one at your worksite.

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