Fresno County Chapter PERB Update: Proposed Ruling Issued

The long-awaited PERB ruling on our bad-faith bargaining charge against Fresno County has been issued. The initial review of this proposed ruling (PDF) does not look in our favor; SEIU Local 521’s legal team is still reviewing and will advise what our next steps should be.

What does this proposed ruling mean for us?

Our Negotiating Team has been having fruitful conversations with the County and remains hopeful we will soon reach a settlement for a fair and just contract. The County remains in a much better financial situation, thanks in large part to contributions from its front line workforce these past years.

The Board of Supervisors meets next Tuesday and our Negotiating Team members will be there to remind the Supervisors of their previous commitment to do right by the workers. SEIU 521 members have contributed substantially to help the county reach financial stability and it’s our hope that the BOS will agree to provide relief to our members so that workers can re-build and recover.

What can you do?

Come to the NOON Unity Break, following the Board of Supervisors’ meeting Tuesday, June 2, at Hall of Records to get the latest update and provide direction to the Bargaining Team on next steps. Lunch will be provided.

Please RSVP at (559) 447-2579.

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2 Responses to “Fresno County Chapter PERB Update: Proposed Ruling Issued”

  1. cindy says:

    We were hopeful we would see out money. So disappointed in SEIU. U think for yourselves but w our money. We need to go with another union and stop giving them our hard earned money!!!!

  2. Ty Carpenter says:

    Just another notch in the BOCS belt. Even more proof what a pathetic job SEIU does for its members. Ineptitude at its finest. So much for any wishful dreaming of a tiny bit of leverage we could’ve had. Doesn’t matter, BOCS does what they want. They know what pathetic representation SEIU provides. Shameful…

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