New York Fight For 15 Making Progress

NY Rally For 15

Hundreds of people are rallying in New York City to demand a $15 wage on the day of the first wage board meeting. #fightfor15

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a plan to dramatically raise pay for hundreds of thousands of fast-food workers across New York state.

This is what happens when workers join together, go on strike, and demand $15.

Our two and a half year movement for $15 and union rights has changed the politics of the country, and made $15 a baseline for what working people need to support themselves and their families. In response, the governor of New York has convened a three-person Wage Board to decide on a substantial increase in fast-food worker pay.

What happens next is up to us.

Let’s make New York the first state in the union with a $15 wage for fast-food workers.

Add your name to the petition and tell the Wage Board it is time for $15 in New York. Help the Fight for $15 win fast-food workers’ most important victory yet by signing on right now.

More and more Americans and our elected representatives are standing up to say that it’s time to stop profitable corporations from paying wages so low that they trap people in poverty.
— Mary Kay Henry, SEIU International President

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