A New SEIU Local to Lift Home Care Workers Out of Poverty

Starting in June, SEIU Local 521 Home Care workers are taking the first momentous step in uniting with other long-term care workers in California to form one strong statewide local union with one clear goal: winning $15 an hour for all home care workers in California.

The new Local – SEIU Local 2015 – will unite 283,000 long-term care members in the state, making it the largest union in the nation to be made up exclusively of workers who care for the elderly and people with disabilities.

This decision to create this new local was made by SEIU members and the SEIU International Executive Board several years ago. The timing is just right as IHSS workers will be moving to statewide bargaining for the first time in California. There will be a transition period to ensure all contracts covering Local 521 members remain in place until a statewide public authority is formed.

Tonya York

“The new union focusing solely on long term care means better, quality care for our clients as well as giving long term care workers in the state of California a strong UNITED voice!”
– Tonya York, SEIU 521 Regional Vice President for In-Home Supportive Services

With the new strength in numbers, SEIU Local 2015 will be able to build on the momentum of the Fight for 15.

As members of SEIU Local 521, homecare workers were some of the most active in our union, winning some of the best contracts and compensation in the country. But with the average hourly pay for home care workers at just $10 in the state, the new long-term care union is motivated and energized to lift the wages for thousands historically low-wage workers and to transform the delivery of long-term care.

“We’ve always been so proud and inspired by the work of our home care workers and will miss them greatly. But we know now is the right time to make this transition. Local 2015 will build statewide power for those who are paid the lowest wages but perform the most important work there is in society.”
– Luisa Blue, SEIU 521 Chief Elected Officer

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11 Responses to “A New SEIU Local to Lift Home Care Workers Out of Poverty”

  1. Barbara Mieirs says:

    As a long term in-home care worker im excited about the move to the new group. And looking forward to the new hourly rate that we gratefully deserve. Our job is fullfilling as well as physically hard and emotionally hard. We know that what we do is extremely necessary, so the worker must earn enough to keep themselves and their families out of the piverty level. Thank you SEIU.

  2. Barbara Mieirs says:


  3. Tina Farnsworth says:

    If there is the fight for $15, what about the OT that we won but then lost as soon as it was to start?

  4. Lin says:

    I’m looking for employment opportunities with 2015 my phone number is 916-822-1876

  5. Windsor care says:

    What about the members who already earn more than $15? That’s not all we expect from our union. is that why no one informed us of the changes ? we have not had an active involved representative for six months. our efforts to contact the union end up with a phone call with the same person who is not willing to come down to our facility and face all the union members. We have issues in our working conditions and we need to be represented just like before with SEIU-UHW.

  6. Danelda Parker says:

    I live in the San Francosco Bay Area.. Is there a Credit Union for members?

  7. Michelle Estes says:

    I enjoy my work as a caregiver and am experienced in this field. I used to work in a long term care home for the elderly. It’s wonderful they are fighting for fair wages. But what good is that when they are able to pick and choose who’s name is to be on the registry list? Twice I have interviewed and twice I was denied access to the only way possible to get new clients or in other words, more work. I feel this is an unfair process.

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