Santa Clara County Chapter: Working without a contract

While the Tentative Agreement was voted down, we continue to work on a path forward as a union. We must be united and informed. 

Our current contract expired on Sunday, June 21 at midnight, but many of our important rights stay the same.

Working without a contract: What does it mean?

  • The county cannot change our wages or working conditions.
  • All benefits, including health care, will remain in effect.
  • The grievance procedure continues, but the county may refuse to arbitrate grievances filed during this period.
  • We have the right to take unfair disciplines to Personnel Board.
  • We have the legal right to participate in “concerted activity.” We can wear buttons and stickers, distribute union leaflets and take action by participating in informational picketing.
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4 Responses to “Santa Clara County Chapter: Working without a contract”

  1. Lynn Chamberlin says:

    What does it mean regarding being able to take vacation time? Can we take vacation time without a contract?

  2. Audrey Cordova says:

    No contract means you don’t have that protected time off. You scheduled it when you had a contract that protected you from getting it revoked without a fair process in place as it was stated in the manual, but now there is no contract, so if they don’t want to pay you for it they don’t have to, and the vacation can be revoked it at anytime or else face whatever consequence they decide…it really sucks to not have our protections in place :(

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