Santa Clara County Chapter: Scam Alert !!! Don’t Be Fooled

County resorts to desperate (and illegal) scare tactics

County workers are reporting that managers are informing them they are considered “essential workers” and, therefore, prohibited from striking on June 30.

This is only the latest in a series of scare tactics management is using because, obviously, the county is scared of what will come if 9,000 workers WALK OFF THE JOB on Tuesday.

FACT: Only a court order that is served on the worker can keep a worker from joining the strike on the 30th.

It is illegal for the county to be verbally informing workers they are not allowed strike, given that only a court can decide who is an “essential employee.” It just shows the county is desperate and will stoop to any measure to keep June 30 as a “business as usual” day.

We have a six-letter answer for that, don’t we?

“S-T-R-I-K-E” !!!!

Essential Workers During a Strike: What you need to know

The County may go to PERB (and then court) to try to require certain employees who the employer claims are “essential” to public safety and health to come to work. If they do so and they are successful, they would have to serve you with a court order to come to work in the event of the strike.

Until you receive such an order, you should participate in the strike. SEIU 521 would attempt to defend at PERB and in court the right of so-called “essential” workers to participate in a strike.

If you are served with a restraining order prohibiting you from striking, you should go to work as you normally do, as there are negative consequences for violating a court order.

Because we put our community first, workers who help maintain certain critical services during the strike will be supplied with line passes to signify that, although they are working during the strike, they support their co-workers on the picket line. Even workers with line passes can show solidarity by joining co-workers on the picket line before work, lunch time & during their breaks.

For an “open ended” strike, workers with line passes can donate some or all of their pay during a walkout to the Strike Fund.

Let’s keep the momentum going as the countdown begins!

REMEMBER: The power of a strike is power through numbers! Unless we get a fair agreement by June 30, we need each and every member to be ready to hit the picket lines.

Stay Informed!

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