Santa Clara County Members Vote to Strike

Update, 6/25: Santa Clara County workers set date to strike: June 30

Members of Santa Clara County’s largest union workforce have overwhelmingly voted to go on an unfair practice strike on June 30. Service Employees International Union Local 521 members and community leaders addressed the reasons for the strike at a press conference today held at county headquarters. Workers voted to hold an “open-ended” strike with no end date.
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Headlines tout a rebounding economy in Silicon Valley, but after years of recessionary cuts to public programs and the workforce, Santa Clara County has fallen behind

It’s time we invest in our community!

More than 1,000 workers attended the rally on June 16

An overwhelming 98% of SEIU 521 members in Santa Clara County voted this week to seek a strike sanction, calling on county leaders to address crises in the community ranging from a critically understaffed 911 department to a looming labor shortage.

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Rather than working with front-line workers to invest in proposals that put the community first, management is engaging in unfair labor practices (ULP) such as interfering in union business and unilaterally eliminating alternate work hours as a form of retaliation.

Santa Clara County workers are planning for a strike authorization vote on June 24.

Tonya York Earlier in the day, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors watched two videos featuring community leaders addressing crises in the county, such as homelessness and understaffed 911 dispatchers.

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Luisa Blue on stageWe had a powerful rally on June 16. During the rally, seven posters were on stage representing seven days of the week and the crises faced by the county (PDF).

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Public Safety in Crisis


9-1-1 is understaffed and in crisis! 

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One Response to “Santa Clara County Members Vote to Strike”

  1. Janet says:

    Santa Clara County needs to understand that it’s current work force is NOT being unreasonable in asking to reinvest in it’s workers who in turn serve our community who are also in need of ALL services this County provides. However with the higher number of patients & clients throughout the County for services the harder it is for the current employees to provide or meet the demand due to understaffed depts with inexperienced, underpaid temporary or co tracted employees because recruiting and retaining experienced full time employees is an issue with current wages offered. The experienced candidates are finding surrounding Counties have appropriate benefit and compensation packages versus SCC. For the last decade county employees have both understood and voluntarily taken big cuts in concessions and accepted not getting any increase in compensation the County continues to expect us to simply keep taking a hit for shortfalls and economical situations they created, have or that are the respincibility for them to endure. They also continue to see that tables are quickly turning and kt is their very own employees who are now in financial crisis, in need of medical attention due to stress including workers comp claims for physical chronic conditions from increased workloads. When is the County going to help us, the employees who are employed tservice the public? We by urge and ask our community and county tax payers to hold the County accountable for for the injustice they are imposing on us, who in turn are the ones who service you, we cannot have one without the other…if as a whole, service employees and the community do not take a stand and fight back. We need to demand from them all that we deserve…and all that we need. Support County Employees…because it is all of you who also benefit and deserve quality care and service.

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