Santa Clara County Chapter – Strike Sanction Vote: Q & A

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Q: What is a strike sanction? What am I voting for?
A: The June 16 vote for strike sanction allows us to go to the South Bay Labor Council to ask other local unions to support our strike by not crossing any strike picket lines. A strike sanction gives us the full weight and support of all the affiliated unions and staff of the Labor Council.

Q: Does this mean we are going on strike?
A: No, not yet, but it’s the first step. Once a strike sanction is obtained, the Negotiating Team must still go back to the full membership at a later point and ask for strike authorization.

Q: How does strike authorization help our negotiations and Community First Campaign?
A: If you vote for strike authorization, it means you give our Negotiating Team the authority to call a strike if they believe one is necessary. That strike authority would help our negotiators increase pressure on management to negotiate a fair contract that invests in our services and workers.

Q: What happens when our contract expires June 21, 2015?
A: Our current existing contract prevents us from going on strike to fight for our services and workers. After June 21, our contract expires. If we have not tentatively reached a contract by then, we are no longer contractually prevented from going on strike.

Q: Why would we strike?
A: We should all be focusing on negotiating a contract that puts our Community First, but we believe management is committing the following Unfair Labor Practices [ULP]:

  • Interfering in union business
  • Unilaterally eliminating alternate work hours as a form of retaliation
  • Singling out SEIU leaders with unfavorable reports after a unity break action involving hundreds of members
  • Demanding a doctor’s note without any evidence of misuse of sick leave

Q: Prior to actually going on strike, will we have a strike ratification vote?
A: Yes. If the Negotiating Team calls for a strike, members will vote on the recommended dates and duration of the strike, and we will see the County’s latest proposed offer.

Q: If we do strike, can the county legally lock us out of our jobs, permanently replace us, or impose their last offer on us?
A: No, no and no. It is illegal for the employer to lock out or permanently replace public workers who are on a legally sanctioned ULP strike. Nor can the County impose their last offer on us until they have exhausted all impasse procedures under state law. We are not there yet.

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5 Responses to “Santa Clara County Chapter – Strike Sanction Vote: Q & A”

  1. Maribel Alvarado says:

    We are ready to Fight for our community first


    Where do we stand on cost of living rasies annually. We dropping a the poverty hole.

  3. phyllis Verna says:

    Please email future notifications please.

  4. Rene'e Cary says:

    i’ve worked for the county for 17yrs and never seen a strike, about time the union finally grew a pair congratulation !!!!!!

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