State Budget Deal a Big Win for Child Care System

CCPress061815Governor Brown and state legislative leadership struck a budget deal on June 16. The tireless work and energy of child care providers in 2015 made a significant impact in adding provisions that improve our early education system. The budget deal includes increased reimbursement rates and additional child care slots. This means that even more working families will have access to quality child care.

Total investment in Early Education is $265 million, including:

  • 6,800 slots for Alternative Payments for $165 million;
  • 7,000 slots for pre-school, 5,800 in full-day, 1,200 in part-day, 1/2 in prop. 98 fund, 1/2 in general fund for $100 millions.

Our work isn’t done yet, but this is a big step forward. To ensure that our child care system is put on a path to a brighter future, we need the Assembly and Governor Brown to pass and sign SB 548, The Raising Child Care Quality and Accessibility Act. This bill directly addresses many of the issues we have with the current system, in addition to giving providers a powerful voice and collective bargaining rights.

“In an economy that relies on around-the-clock, unpredictable shifts and low pay, a strong child care system is more important than ever. SB 548 will give child care providers a voice so we can move ourselves out of poverty, support working moms, and improve our training to support the brain development of at-risk children.”
– Tonia McMillian, child care provider and Raising California Together Coalition co-chair

For more information, read The Raising California Together Coalition press release here.

What would SB 548 accomplish? The Raising Child Care Quality and Accessibility Act:

  • Increases the number of low-cost early care and education openings for working parents, which were eliminated during the Great Recession.
  • Expands training for all early educators, including affordable higher education.
  • Give front-line family child care providers a voice in our industry and the right to collective bargaining.
  • Funds research on the most effective ways to support parents as they seek to get involved in their children’s learning.

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