Santa Clara County Chapter- Tentative Agreement Q&A

Last week, Santa Clara County Chapter reached a Tentative Agreement. We know you’ve got questions, and here are some answers– with more information to come.

FAQs on our TENTATIVE AGREEMENTSanta Clara County - Community First

Q: What are the basic terms of the contract I need to know?
A: Contract is for four (4) years, with the following wage increases for all workers:
Year 1: 4.5%
Year 2: 3%
Year 3: 3%
Year 4: 3%
By the fourth year, our gross income will increase by 14.19% (compounded)

Q: What are the changes to our medical coverage, health plans, and costs?
A: There is no increase in out-of-pocket premium contributions to medical insurance for first two years. At the end of Year 2, we will have a limited medical insurance re-opener. That is when the County and Union will look at all aspects of reducing medical costs so that savings can be passed on to jobs and services.

Q: Why didn’t we negotiate a 2-year contract; this locks us into 4 years with a big uncertainty around medical costs the last two years?
A: At the start of negotiations, the membership had indicated through a bargaining survey that one priority was to secure a long-term contract for stability.

Q: Membership also wants Kaiser, Health Net, and Valley Health Plan to be guaranteed in our contract. If we re-open, what happens?
A: We agreed to a re-opener on the medical portion because in 2018, a provision from the Affordable Care Act takes effect where employers who offer “high-cost” medical plans that exceed a threshold will be charged a 40% tax (on the amount that exceeds the threshold.)
The cost of this “Cadillac” tax – which applies to all employers (public and private) – will inevitably get passed down to workers. So it is best that we can re-negotiate in 2017 and make Kaiser compete with other providers for our business. Right now, Kaiser has a monopoly in Santa Clara County; it can – and does – charge whatever rates it wants. If we are successful in our re-opener, we might be able to drive down what Kaiser and Health Net charge so that our plans don’t exceed the “Cadillac” plan threshold.
Any savings we can help the County with health care costs means more funds for jobs, workforce development, and public programs.

Q: How did other unions address the “Cadillac” tax problem?
A: Other unions agreed to increase employee contributions towards medical plans and coverage.

Q: Any changes to PERS and our retirement contributions?
A: There are no changes to our retirement costs for the duration of our 4-year contract.

Q: What about rumors that the county will increase our PERS contributions in 2018 because of pension reform?
A: PEPRA (the California Public Employees Pension Reform Act of 2013) permits employers to impose “equal sharing of normal costs” of pension plans. However, this would not affect us if we are covered by a contract through 2019.

Q: What happens if this TA is voted down by the membership?
A: Everything would be off the table because this is a package proposal from the county on the condition that we not go on strike. So rejecting this TA means we go on strike and the county wage increase offer of 4.5% – 3% – 3% – 3% would go away. So would the offer of no change to health care costs. So would the offer of no change to pension costs.
We would have to go back to the table for negotiations. The last offer from the county – NOT the package proposal in this TA – would be the basis of bargaining. That proposal included wage increases of 3.25% – 3% – 3% – 3%, with increases in healthcare costs.

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Voting sites and times will be announced soon, plan to vote later this week!

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3 Responses to “Santa Clara County Chapter- Tentative Agreement Q&A”

  1. James Johnson says:

    I can agree with the initial contract agreement. However ,I am addimitly opposed to reopening just to allow Keiser to be concidered. If they can’t buck up now they won’t in the future and to give them freetime is a poor choice on our part. Either their in now or out. I also hope we also provide the membership the ability to renegotiate the pay scale if the additional cost is passed on to us. I’m an inspector and our pay was cut when the reorginizing happened in 08 the pay scale is just about back to the level then. This all along without a cost of living for the past time frame so we are still behind 8% even with the 4.5, 3, 3 & 3% increase. WE ARE LOOSING in all ways if we pay more after the two years.

  2. Johanna Luerra says:

    Some where I had seen/heard there was going to be an increase in bilingual pay but I don’t see it then summary of our tentative agreement. Is there an increase and will it benefit all county employees?

  3. Your links are not working on this page.

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