Santa Clara Family Health Plan and 4Cs Ready for First Contract Fight

Winning At Work

Workers from Santa Clara Family Health Plan (SCFHP) and Community Child Care Council of Santa Clara County, Inc. (4Cs) fought fast and hard for a union and a voice in the workplace. Now, they have it. 

Approximately 100 SCFHP workers and 140 4Cs workers have officially joined the Local 521 family. The services they provide are continuing examples of how our members put Community First at work each day.

IMG_1423The services of SCFHP and its staff are critical to Santa Clara County, providing support to health care providers and patients in the community.


The staff at 4Cs provide vital resources, guidance, and childcare for low-income parents so they work and reach self-sufficiency. 

“We know that quality services also require quality jobs and we look forward to working with you as we move forward in this process.”
– Stacy Renteria, SCFHP employee

DianaLeon“If we stand together as union workers, we will have the ability to negotiate a contract that is fair for all employees and improve our working conditions.”
– Diana Leon, Enrollment Coordinator, 4Cs

Both SCFHP and 4Cs are gearing up for their first contract negotiations. When we stand together, we win. Congratulations and welcome to the Local 521 family!

For more information and latest campaign updates, visit their chapter pages:

The power of our union is in its numbers. Become a member today!

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  1. manu gondang says:

    Healthy environment indeed we must do together. From any corner of the world until the midpoint of the world….

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