Wage Theft in Silicon Valley

The basic promise of our labor laws – a fair day’s pay for an honest day’s work – is not being kept in California, despite the fact that we have good laws on the books.

SB 588 goes after the bad actors who are responsible for millions of dollars of wage theft violations each year and holds individuals responsible and accountable.

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On August 22, workers and allies rallied in San Jose to protest the practice of wage theft by the Bay View Care Home. The Bay View Care Home has been found guilty of $83,846 in unpaid wages to its caregivers.

Among the groups that participated were the Pilipino Association of Workers and Immigrants, Anakbayan Silicon Valley, SEIU, the Silicon Valley Workers Project, the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns, Migrante NorCal, the Santa Clara Valley Wage Theft Coalition, and the Democratic Club of Sunnyvale.

Caregivers are especially vulnerable to wage theft, and this is of special concern to Filipino American worker groups, since Filipino Americans make up such a large percentage of caregivers in the valley. Over 60% of caregivers do not receive overtime pay for overtime work. Caregivers average around $1,088 of wages unpaid per worker per month.

Students who are part of the ELLA project of the Latina Coalition produced a video on wage theft in Silicon Valley and its impact on Latinas. The interviews are with Arby’s workers.

“Wage theft is crushing our families, and that’s why SB 588 will be front and center in our fight for a fair day’s pay in California. Nationwide, working families are rising up and challenging our leaders to address the roots of our poverty crisis. SB 588 is an essential accountability measure to ensure every person who works hard can be a part of the American Dream.”
– Laphonza Butler, President of SEIU California and SEIU United Long-Term Care Workers (ULTCW)

California has strong labor protections on paper, but in reality companies can pick and choose whether they want to follow the law or break it. In fact, unscrupulous employers steal billions from California workers every year.

As a result, billions of dollars are stolen every year from workers’ paychecks, which hurts workers, their families, their communities, and law-abiding businesses.

We need something stronger than the honor system. Workers need better tools that will help them recover the wages they are owed, and businesses need a level playing field. Tell your Senator to support SB 588.

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