5 Good Reasons to Become a Member

SEIU Local 521 is part of SEIU, Service Employees International Union. Our local represents nearly 40,000 workers in Central California. 

The Service Employees International Union is an organization of 2-million members united by the belief in the dignity and worth of workers and the services they provide. SEIU is dedicated to improving the lives of workers and their families and creating a more just and humane society.

1. Working together, union members have the strength.
Better wages, affordable health care, a secure retirement, and safer workplaces – are things all workers deserve. However one person demanding them will likely end in disappointment, but when your brothers and sisters rally beside you, the possibilities are endless. Read more >>

2. The “union advantage” is substantial.
Union members earn better wages and benefits than workers who aren’t union members. Read more >>

3. For people of color and women workers, the union impact is even greater.
Women workers who are union members earn nearly $9,000 a year more than their non-union counterparts. For African-American workers, the union differential is also about $9,000, and for Latino workers the yearly advantage is more than $11,000. Read more >>

4. Unions help all workers.
Unions lead the fight today for better lives for all working people. Unions play a pivotal role both in securing legislated labor protections and rights such as safety and health, overtime, and family/medical leave and in enforcing those rights on the job for all workers. Read more >>

5. By joining together, we can build strength.
Together we can build the strength to hold elected officials accountable, stop the “race to the bottom” by employers who cut wages and benefits in favor of bigger profits, and win improvements such as affordable, quality health care for all.

Not a member? Become a member today.
If you have an SEIU 521 union representation at your work, fill out online (so that it’s legible), print and sign the membership application form:
Membership Application Form – fillable online (PDF)

How to submit your membership application form:

  • Bring it to your steward;
  • Scan, take a screenshot, or take a picture of your signed application on your smart phone and email it as an attachment to SEIU521@SEIU521.org;
  • Fax it to 408-954-0631;
  • Or, bring it/mail it to your local SEIU 521 office or SEIU Local 521, 2302 Zanker Rd., San Jose, CA 95131.

Interested, but have a question?

Already a member? Contribute to COPE today!
It’s more than just a choice to contribute to our political action committee – it’s our right. It’s the only way working people have of standing up to corporate power and money in politics.

If you do not have a union at your job, find out more about how to build one at your worksite: Contact Catherine Balbas at (559) 635-3720 or organize@SEIU521.org.

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