How Do We Shape the Future of Nursing?

Labor Day, 2015

Labor Day. Many mark this weekend with end of the summer barbecues or getaways. For some of us, it’s another holiday worked, when the sickest patients remain. As union nurses, however, we should take this day to reflect on the accomplishments we’ve made standing up for quality care, better careers, and just workplaces where hard work is rewarded—and look forward to many exciting opportunities ahead.

We will be joining together at our biennial Nurse Alliance of SEIU Healthcare conference, “Nurse Leadership for Quality and Healthcare Justice,” Oct. 13 to 15 in Las Vegas. The conference gives us a chance to connect as nurses through collaboration and continuing education, and return home inspired to take action for our patients, our co-workers and our communities.

Another opportunity ahead for all SEIU nurses is a national conversation we are launching that takes on the question, “How Do We Shape the Future of Nursing?”

This nurse-to-nurse collaboration will take place starting October 14. It’s an online, moderated discussion and it’s easy to join anytime, anywhere, by smartphone or computer. At the end of this collaboration, a team of nurses will be chosen from among the participants to present our best ideas to healthcare leaders and policymakers.

Sign up here to be among the first to know when the conversation kicks off.

It’s an exciting time to be an SEIU nurse, whether it’s showing our support for our sisters and brothers in home care who met with Secretary Hillary Clinton or standing up for contracts that prioritize quality patient care. Join me in showing your pride this Labor Day weekend and the weeks and months to come. Like our SEIU Nurse Alliance of Healthcare Facebook page to stay up to date and share the latest developments of nurses and healthcare workers in our union.

In Solidarity,
Dian Palmer, RN
Chair, Nurse Alliance of SEIU Healthcare

“Save one life, you’re a hero. Save 100 lives, you’re a nurse.” — Anonymous

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