Kings County members get a raise and more

Winning At Work

After a long negotiation with Kings County, Blue Collar workers got a 3% raise to help keep up with the cost of living and help with retention issues. They also got triggering language built into the contract for next year. If revenues in Kings County increase by $2 million or more next year, there will be an automatic contract reopener for a 5% increase.

This is a huge victory for valley workers who are often asked to tighten their belts during tough times but don’t share in the benefit of better times. By building membership and coming together, we were able to #UniteFightWin in Kings County.

Ron Soares, a Road Maintenance Worker III in Kings County said, “While we believe the County could do more, we believe this is a step in the right direction.”

SEIU members worked hard to win this victory and we will use this precedent throughout the Central Valley. As we build membership throughout the local, we will continue to win.

The power of our union is in its numbers. Become a member today!

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