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NY Times recently posted an article featuring a new study that suggests unions may help children move up the economic ladder.

Read the full article here.

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  1. Greg R says:

    Instead of looking at the dredge of society; and then looking at how Unions impact lives, take a look at the already successful and the upper middle class and the impact of Unions on society as a whole. See how Unions make life hard for businesses? See how Unions and the Lobbies scare business out of California and other States? See how Unions increase fees for services? Unions are a great evil destroying our Great Country. Unions did, in the past provide some great benefits, but they have outlived their usefulness. Unions are why some districts have BAD teachers – Compare CLOVIS UNIFIED to FRESNO UNIFIED! Unions are just as bad if not worse than the Corporations. They, Unions, are Communists to Business Fascists. When given the choice between 2 evils, I choose none. Unions, thank Obama, the Great Deceiver for your downfall. I laugh that you fight for minimum wage to be $15/hr in Los Angeles, and then realize the economic impact; so ask that Unions be excluded. I hate Unions as a whole, but I belong to you because– there are fringe benefits and we are closed shop. I’d rather have a few individuals; An Association, elected by us, and whom are one of us day in and day out, to represent us during negotiations (and pay fees only while our negotiations are happening), than provide a salary for some UNION S.O.B. or help UNIONS politically; because more than likely I’m on the other side of the aisle.

  2. Rosa Park says:

    Unions have become super INEFFECTIVE. It is an interest group working for itself using misleading slogans targeting the more ignorant masses.

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