Kern Hospital Authority bill (AB 1350) signed into law

SEIU Local 521 members can celebrate the Kern Hospital Authority Bill (AB 1350) being signed into law today by Governor Jerry Brown. As a union, we came together and created the best possible law with strong protections for workers and our community. The bill creates the legal framework for Kern Medical Center to operate as a stand-alone entity but will not make any immediate changes to the day-to-day operations of the KMC.

This bill would not have passed if not for the tireless work of SEIU Local 521 members who worked with Assembly Member Rudy Salas, County Supervisors, KMC management and other legislators in Sacramento. This victory belongs to us and we should be proud of what we can accomplish together. This is just one more example of what we can do when we unite. Our contract campaign in Kern County is also moving forward because members have worked hard and crafted a deal that invests in public services.

Despite our recent victories, the Hospital Authority and our contract still need our attention and energy if we want to get the best possible outcomes. It’s time to recommit ourselves to both of these efforts. We know our work makes a difference and if we stay united, we can accomplish anything.

“True collaboration from frontline SEIU 521 members with Kern community allies, hospital leadership, and elected representatives, has made passage of the Hospital Authority bill possible,” said Luisa Blue, Chief Elected Officer, SEIU Local 521. “Now we look forward to the next phase in our partnership to transform the Kern public healthcare system to be a provider of first choice that delivers affordable, quality care to all.”

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