Tulare Court Members Tip the Scales in our Favor  

Winning at Work: TulareCourtsTulare Courts members just won an important victory in a system that has been stacked against them for years. Members in Tulare got a two year contract with a seven percent increase while keeping their employer-paid medical. They also got better out-of-class protections and “bullying boss” language in their contract.

The tentative agreement was approved with a nearly unanimous vote. These improvements to salary and working conditions will transform the working environment at Tulare Courts and allow members to continue the incredible work they deliver to their community every day. As we all know, investing in front line staff and treating them with respect is the best way to enhance productivity and create a positive working environment. When we unite, fight and win, our communities win as well.

The power of our union is in its numbers. Become a member today!

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