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In the Bakersfield Californian on Friday, March 13, there’s an article about our contract. John Nilon is trying to blame members for derailing negotiations.

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We need to make sure that the public and County Supervisors know that we are real people providing critical services to our community. They also need to know our plan is reasonable, affordable and saves taxpayers money. Take 5 minutes today and write a letter to the Bakersfield Californian. Tell them who you are and how your work helps build our community. Incorporate a few of these key points:

  • We live and work in Kern County and care deeply about providing quality services for the public
  • One line in your letter should be specific about how your job helps/benefits the community
  • We have not had a real raise since 2009.  There are workers whose take home pay today is thousands dollars less than in 2009.
  • High turnover is not economically sound for any business or organization. Kern County had a 40% turnover rate between 2009-2012.
  • Our very reasonable proposals, that the county can accept tomorrow, cost the county only one-time funds, NOTHING that would affect future budgets. In fact, our proposals would save taxpayers $35 million, as CONFIRMED BY COUNTY’S OWN ACTUARIALS. 

    ASK: We are calling on our elected leaders to do the right thing, invest in front line services so that we can continue to put Kern Community First.


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