Unite Fight Win and Fight for $15

To our members: You’re part of a union of people working to build an economy that puts workers, students, families, and communities first.

We are facing some of the toughest attacks in our lifetime from wealthy special interests that want to keep pushing down wages, gaming the tax system to avoid paying their fair share and making it harder for people to stick together to improve our lives.

We’re so proud that in our union, we are working together to change that. We believe that everyone who works hard should be able to make ends meet, earn livable wages and benefits on which to raise a family, and retire with dignity.

To our new members: Thank you for joining!

Watch the UniteFightWin video.
SEIU has 10,045 new members in the fight to protect working families!

As a member, you have a voice.
You decide if your contract is good enough or if you want to fight for more negotiations. You have the power to elect your union leaders, vote on your dues rate, and run for office.

As a member, you help build power together with your co-workers.
It’s a fact. Low membership rates in a worksite signal to management that workers are not willing to fight for better wages and benefits. When workers stand together, we have power. Know co-workers who are not yet full members?
Tell them to join! www.seiu521.org/membership

And… Membership comes with benefits:
Find out more at www.seiu521.org/benefits

Find out how you can get involved:

#UniteFightWin Together

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