SEIU members and community stand together for peace

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – The atrocity in San Bernardino County ended 14 lives and impacted countless others, many of whom were county workers and members of Service Employees International Union, Local 721. SEIU members across the country stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who were the target of – and witness to – this terrible act.

SEIU Local 521 members have a deeply personal connection to the tragedy given that the gathering was a holiday party for county workers and the site was a regional center serving people with disabilities.

While many details regarding the tragedy on Dec. 2 remain uncertain, we now know that 10 of the 14 victims were SEIU Local 721 members. Our thoughts are with the families, communities, and workers who have lost their loved ones and endured this unspeakable violence.

We extend our love and prayers to the whole community including our families and friends in San Bernardino and will be collecting donations for families of the victims. More information to come for those who wish to help.

We will be participating in candlelight vigils with other SEIU locals statewide on Monday, Dec. 7.

5:00 p.m.
Kern Regional Center, 3200 N. Sillect Ave., Bakersfield


Service Employees International Union, Local 521 represents 41,000 public- and nonprofit, private-sector workers in the central Bay Area region and in the Central Valley. Under a Community First vision, we are committed to making sure the needs of our community, and the vital services we provide our community, come first. We believe our communities thrive when residents, leaders and workers recognize that we are all in this together when it comes to our safety, health, and well-being.


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