Are our county jobs for sale?

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Mark MariscalThe new director of Monterey County Parks is still refusing to follow the rules of our contract. On January 26, SEIU 521 was forced to file another grievance after learning Parks Director Mark Mariscal (pictured here) is taking steps toward potentially contracting out Parks jobs at Laguna Seca, which could significantly impact SEIU 521 members.

Although Supervisor Dave Potter stated publically that SEIU 521 members will not be impacted, the fact remains that Mariscal and county administrators were contractually obligated to inform SEIU 521 of their intentions, and meet with us prior to taking unilateral action to invite proposals from outside contractors to manage Laguna Seca. These rules are in place to ensure transparency and open communication between the County and its workforce. This is the second grievance we have had to file against Mariscal in less than a month for his failure to follow the rules.

Is this how Monterey County values County workers and the services they provide?

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Read the second grievance here. (PDF)

Background – Jan. 7, 2016:

Contracting out county job is the direction Mark Mariscal, Monterey County Parks Department Director, seems to be headed and our elected officials – the board of supervisors – aren’t doing anything to stop him.

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Mariscal is apparently moving forward with plans to auction off county jobs to the lowest bidder. Not long after his appointment as director of the public parks department, Mariscal unilaterally issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to contract out work traditionally performed by SEIU-represented employees.
Check out this RFP posted on the county website (PDF).

Before moving forward with his contracting-out scheme, Mariscal failed to seek authority from his boss, Administrative Officer Lew Bauman. Even worse, Bauman failed to provide adequate oversight to ensure SEIU was given an opportunity to meet and confer with the county prior to issuing the RFP, which is required by law and our union contract.

SEIU Local 521 contacted Mariscal and Bauman to demand that they immediately rescind the RFP until a meeting with SEIU representatives can be arranged.
Read our demand letter here (PDF).

Not surprisingly, Bauman and Mariscal ignored our demand, prompting our Contract Enforcement Department to file a grievance.
Read our grievance here (PDF).

With a base salary of $242,000 for Bauman, and Mariscal raking in a cool $141,000 (Source: Monterey Herald, 3/2/15), they should be able to follow simple rules. But, the reality is we need stronger rules to prevent this from happening again.

Become a full SEIU 521 member today to help show bureaucrats like Bauman and Marisical our union is ready to fight back. We know good jobs and benefits strengthen communities; outsourcing jobs to lowball contractors reduces public oversight and county accountability.

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  1. CMW says:

    The very first sentence contains an acronym with which I’m not familiar: “Contracting out cony job is the direction…” To what does cony refer? If it’s an type-o correct it…could be ‘county’, right?

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