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Social Services Hotline is Live

Starting Jan. 4,  a special social services hotline for county workers went live, thanks to Assembly Bill 1978 which passed in the fall of 2014. SEIU Local 521 members were part of the statewide social services advocacy group pushing for this important tool.  Our work with partners in Sacramento strengthened our voices as union members to come together to put our community first.

Eashell“Our union played a huge role in getting this legislation passed,” said Eashell Hill, a Social Services Worker I in Kern County. “The hotline is a great tool that will benefit vulnerable children and protect our communities.”

The confidential hotline will allow workers to report when policies and procedures in Child Welfare Services are not being followed and endanger the youth our workers are supposed to protect.

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2016-2017 Scholarships

SEIU Scholarships 2016SEIU International and SEIU Local 521 award annual college scholarships that enable members and their children to pursue their educational goals at colleges, universities, labor study programs and technical schools. The application deadlines are March 3, 2016 for SEIU sponsorship and March 31, 2016 for SEIU Local 521 sponsorship.

Union Plus also awards scholarships and offers education discounts, education financing and student loans. The applications deadline is Saturday, January 31 at 12 p.m. EST.

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It pays to become a full member of SEIU Local 521. Not only do you help strengthen our power at the negotiations table to win good contracts, you also get a wide range of member-only benefits and services:

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Act Now for Guaranteed Retirement for Californians

In California, our Retirement Security for All (RSA) is gaining momentum. Did you know that some workers have no access to a pension or 401(k) retirement savings plan?

Secure Choice Act is a bill that would offer nearly all California workers access to a retirement savings program, a retirement plan that would follow you, even if you changed jobs. And with your help, we’re pushing to win this landmark legislation in 2016.

On January 11, the Secure Choice Board will discuss how this fund should be invested. We need to encourage the Board to pick the option that doesn’t play roulette with Wall Street, and instead focuses on guarantees for California’s future retirees. Here is a chance to help build a retirement program that works for all California workers, which is why your signature – and your story – can make the difference.

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Contract Enforcement Victories

Union stewards joining forces with SEIU 521 Contract Enforcement Department (CED) are giving bad bosses a wake-up call to respect workers and our contracts!

Retaliation is unacceptable!
SEIU Local 521 members will not tolerate retaliation of any kind. Workers have the absolute right to stand up to their bosses when their rights are violated.

We won’t be silenced at work!
After Monterey County management illegally threatened to discipline SEIU 521 members in the Animal Services Department if they were caught discussing any employment matters involving other employees, union steward Cathy Stanley and the SEIU 521 Contract Enforcement Department (CED) fought back and won!

Our contractual rights will be honored!
Union Steward, Liz Lacey, worked with SEIU 521 Contract Enforcement Department (CED) to file a grievance against Santa Clara County for withheld differential pay and won!

2016 Training Workshops

SEIU Local 521’s Education & Training Committee is proud to sponsor the 2016 Training Workshops. Our union is growing, and with the help of dedicated members, leaders and stewards, SEIU Local 521 will bring union power back into the workplace where it belongs. The Training Workshops, which offer information on enforcing your rights at work, are available to all members.

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2015 Year In Review #UniteFightWin

Happy New Year!
In case you missed it, here’s SEIU 521 Year-in-Review highlights of 2015:

Year In Review


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