Tell Intel: #TechCanDoBetter

Tell Intel to support its cafeteria workers!

Every day catefetaria workers proudly serve the best quality food to Intel employees, but it is hard for them to feed their families good quality food on their low wages. We want Intel to support our request for a fair process to join a union and work with us to improve jobs for cafeteria workers in Silicon Valley.

Ask Intel to be a leader in building a tech economy that works for everyone.

It’s that time when workers need us to stand with them and inspire Intel to ensure workers have a voice.

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High incomes at Intel and other tech industry giants have led to the largest and fastest-growing wage gap between professionals and service workers in the U.S. Today, Intel’s cafeteria workers are standing up to say enough!

The campaign to unionize at Intel by about 75 food service workers is the latest manifestation of efforts by low-wage workers to combat gaping inequality in one of the country’s richest regions. The divide between how major tech companies’ professional and support staff live has been the subject of increased organizing by labor unions, which have coordinated a campaign called Silicon Valley Rising that seeks to address “occupational segregation and severe income inequality” in the tech industry.

For more information, read this news article.

Let’s call on Intel to be a leader in building a tech economy that works for everyone. Tech can do better!

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