Major Stride Forward in Fight For $15

We are about to make history. FF15

Our Fight for $15 is demonstrating to the nation that when workers stand together, we win for our families and a stronger economy. Working with Gov. Brown, SEIU and other unions are on the cusp of making California the first state in the nation to make a $15 statewide minimum wage a reality.

We still need the legislature to pass the plan, which would bring real gains for millions of underpaid workers who have struggled to pay rent and afford basic necessities like food, rent and childcare. Food servers, caregivers for seniors and people with disabilities and even some college professors struggling to get by on wages under $15 now will get much needed-relief under this policy. This agreement would also guarantee three paid sick days to all full time workers to recover from illness or care for sick children.

“For everyone from the fast-food cooks and cashiers who started the Fight for $15 three years ago to all the working men and women who will benefit from better wages they can sustain a family on, this is a huge victory,” said SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry in a statement. “It’s a win that shows the power of standing up and sticking together—it’s how you make the impossible possible. It also shows the power that the 64 million people all over the country who make less than $15 will bring to the ballot box this November.”

There is still more work to do. Child care workers and others paid as contractors rather than hourly workers won’t see the immediate impact of this policy, but today’s victory lays the groundwork and creates more momentum to assure no one who works hard has to raise their family in poverty.

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