HACM Healthcare Plan and Overview for 2016

On Friday, Mar. 4, HACM presented to Union leaders the Healthcare plan and overview for 2016.

In accordance with our contract, HACM reviewed the information with us and the changes that took place as a result of seeking new plans with less than 100 employees, per the Affordable Care Act rules.

Click here to review plan design and rates:  HACM Health Insurance Plan and Rates (PDF)

The major changes to the plan design are:
• $500/1000 increase to out of pocket maximum for individuals/family
• Primary care visits reduced to $10 from $20
• $10 copay increase for specialist visit
• $50 copay increase for ER visit
• $80 copay increase for urgent care
• $10 copay reduced for Chiropractic
• $10 copay reduced for outpatient mental health
• $5 copay increase for Tier 2 prescription formulary
• $20 copay increase for Tier 4 prescription formulary

Employee only coverage will remain the same (no cost to employee). Rates will increase from current monthly employee costs (parenthesis), per pay period for all others as follows:
• Employee plus spouse = $6.53 ($583.41)
• Employee plus child = $6.82 ($589.98)
• Employee plus children = $9.34 ($818.92)
• Employee plus Family = $9.59 ($844.57)

Based on the information we have received, we are recommending that we move forward with the plan so that HACM may begin open enrollment with employees by the week of March 14, as open enrollment must be completed by April 1, 2016.

As we enter negotiations, it is important to look at how we prepare for those negotiations and our focus in being proactive in reducing healthcare costs without compromising plan design.

If you have concerns regarding this, please contact your Stewards so that we may assess the Health plan design.

Plan on attending the next worksite meeting on Thursday, March 17.

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