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SEIU 521 Steward, Local Hero

Officer Stanley at the scene of the accident tending to the father.

Officer Stanley at the scene of the accident tending to the father.

SEIU 521 Steward Cathy Stanley is a local hero. Earlier this month, the Animal Control Officer from Monterey County came across a car accident; she took action that was above-and-beyond the call-of-duty, according to the local Sheriff’s Department.

Some may recall several years ago, Monterey County managers had attacked Cathy for standing up for safer working conditions. In 2014, an arbitrator concluded that Cathy had been wrongly disciplined and ordered that she be reinstated to her Animal Control Officer position.

Lucky for the community because on April 13, while on the job, Cathy encountered an accident and quickly took control of the scene, according to Deputy Phillip Hickenbottom.

“When ACO Stanley arrived at the scene, the father of the boy was running around in shock and panic with the limp body of his son in his arms. Blood was squirting out of a gash in the boy’s neck,” the deputy reported.

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The Spring Surge is in Full Swing

Surge-KarenNakataniSince April 11, SEIU 521 members and staff have been working side-by-side to build our power from the Central Valley to the coast. Our local is transforming and every member is needed! We are building our capacity and expanding our reach to lift up our communities through quality public services.

Take a short member survey which will help identify our common interests. YOU are the union – so take a few minutes and share what interests YOU so that we can continue to grow as an engaging and meaningful union!

The SEIU “Spring Surge” launches four weeks of active worker-to-worker conversations to beat back wealthy special interests’ attacks against working families. Our strategy involves increasing workers’ power at worksites, wining better contracts, and fighting for resources to strengthen our communities.

Now is the time to stand united. There is no Union without YOU!

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Three Rivers Leadership Summit

The Surge continued in the Central Valley this weekend where leaders met and trained for member-to-member outreach. Our Spring Surge is developing leadership and getting new tools in the hands of members so we can build a union that can stand up to any challenge, whether it comes from the Supreme Court or a single bad boss. Members are fired up and ready to build the best union yet.

Tulare Unit 4 Vice-President Kathleen Wilmes was energized after the training. “Great team building exercises and panel speakers who shared the importance of strong membership and politics.”

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Community Child Care workers fight for dignity and respect

Workers of Community Child Care Council (4Cs) in Santa Clara County continue fighting for a fair first contract with the private, non-profit center which provides a critical link for families and child care professionals.

Said Virgilio Gonzales at a recent membership meeting: “People need to understand we are the union. We need to step up and demand that our rights are respected.”

4Cs workers certainly have community support. At the April 14 massive Fight for $15 protests across the country, San Jose City Councilman Ash Kalra joined a large group protesting outside a local McDonald’s. The councilman readily picked up a sign showing support for 4Cs workers– as did several SEIU members from Santa Clara County.

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Kern County Libraries on the Brink

It’s a critical time for public libraries in Kern County. Measure F is a 1/8th cent sales tax that will be used exclusively for our libraries. It is on the ballot for June 7. If the measure passes, the funding for libraries will more than double. If the measure fails, a majority of our county supervisors have promised to issue a Request for Information (RFI) for a private entity to operate the library.

If you live in Kern County, we need your help educating the public and getting out the vote. Volunteer with The Advocates for Library Enhancement, like them on Facebook, or talk to your friends and neighbors. We can do this, but we’ll need to stand together.

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