Board will decide on mid-year rate hikes in June

Workers’ healthcare coalition presence made a difference!

The San Joaquin Valley Insurance Authority (SJVIA) was ready to do a mid-year rate hike for every worker at their April meeting.

Our presence made the difference when the board tabled nearly all the items on the agenda and directed staff to look at other options. When we stand together, we can make our voices heard.

20160429_100247“We need a spirit of cooperation. This is a heavy-handed solution that punishes the people least responsible. Our community deserves better.” – Kathleen Wilmes, Self Sufficiency Counselor II, Tulare County

The SJVIA board is made up of four Fresno County Supervisors and three Tulare County Supervisors. Because the SJVIA board miscalculated how much benefits would cost for the current year, they met to discuss solutions to this problem. Among the solutions considered and discussed were:

  • Increasing our healthcare premium costs halfway through the year
  • An extra fee for Kaiser Permanente members
  • Getting rid of Kaiser Permanente or limiting enrollment


Our Better Valley Health Coalition will continue to host education sessions, meet with county supervisors and push for further transparency from our health care vendors and SJVIA.

If you haven’t filled out the Better Valley Health survey yet, start by clicking on the link below. If you filled out the survey, please share the link with your co-workers:
As our coalition grows, we’re gathering people who want to become agents of change in their communities. We’re working to unleash the power of our friends, neighbors and families to live, work, and grow without the constant threat of losing their insurance or the constant stress of not having any access to healthcare. We believe that by coming together, we can have a powerful voice and exert some control over our healthcare rather than allow our healthcare be another thing happening to us. Each of our voices and stories are valuable. Our combined voices and stories can inform the present and change the future.


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