CED On Your Side: Overtime Grievances Victory

CED On Your Side
Monterey County settles overtime grievances, then attacks workers’ rights

Lou Fiori and Julie FiliceTwo grievances filed for Monterey County workers at the Resource Management Agency recently settled with full back pay for services that Raul Carbajal and Lou Fiori (pictured on the left) provided during the 2015 holiday closure between Christmas and New Year’s.

Originally the County refused to pay them overtime for hours they worked during their scheduled annual leave. Raul, a Bridge Maintenance Worker, and Lou, a Building Inspection Supervisor, both stepped up to ensure continuity of services during the closure, but management failed to appropriately pay them the wages they were owed in accordance with our contract.

Although the outcomes of both grievances were favorable for Raul and Lou, the County now appears to be retaliating against the Union at the negotiating table by demanding that our bargaining team concede to eliminating our right to overtime compensation in certain circumstances. Our current contract expires on June 30. As part of the County’s campaign to diminish the rights of workers, management has proposed that annual leave hours no longer be counted as hours worked for purposes of calculating overtime.

“As always, our first priority is our community and the people we serve,” said Lou. “While I’m happy with the outcome of my grievance, I would be even happier if the County would honor the rights we have won through contract negotiations.”

SEIU Local 521 members have a Contract Enforcement Department (CED) on their side.
CED works with union stewards to protect contracts, defend members facing disciplinary issues, and to advocate for better working conditions through individual and group grievances.

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