Monterey County Week of Action

Monterey County is not facing a budget crisis, but a crisis of priorities. Throughout the recession, County workers survived staff shortages, an increased demand for services, and no wage increases. Now the economy is bouncing back – workers in neighboring counties have seen increased wages and cost of living adjustments, while Monterey County has instead spent millions on the ERP system, management perks and vacation buyouts. Enough is enough – it’s time for the County to reinvest in our workforce and the crucial services we provide!

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On Tuesday we held worksite rallies at The Quad and La Guardia (view photos and watch video); on Wednesday we met again for a lunchtime rally at Natividad Medical Center (view photos and watch video), before our Countywide General Assembly meeting at 5:45pm! We’ll be discussing our next steps – be there!

Countywide General Assembly

This is a critical meeting that we are calling on all county employees to attend.  Our final bargaining session will be prior to this meeting and your MOU will expire the following day, June 30.  If the county has not reached an agreement with us at this point, we will be preparing strike assessments at this meeting.  Every employee who is invested in their contract and the decision on whether or not we will go on strike must plan to attend this meeting.

When:  Wednesday, June 29 at 5:45 p.m.
Where:  Salinas Armory Hall, 100 Howard Street in Salinas

Please RSVP for dinner with your name and phone number at

Tell the Board We Say No to Healthcare Concessions



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