DNC Panel Highlights Need for Affordable Child Care

Child care is a major concern for many Americans and along with paid leave, and equal pay are now being recognized as economic issues that affect all families.

On July 26 at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, The Hill hosted a discussion called “Whose Issues Are They? The Politics of Work, Childcare and Family in an Election Year.”

SEIU Local 99 child care provider Tonia McMillan spoke critically (30 minutes into video above) about stagnant wages and the need for $15 and a Union while panelists spoke out about the need for affordable child care options for parents and a living wage for workers.

“This is a passion-driven work. [For] everybody who does this work, it starts from the heart. […] There is so much value in the work that I am doing and other child care providers are doing. It’s time for folks to start appreciating it and respecting people like myself for what we do.”
– Tonia McMillan, SEIU Child Care Provider

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