Better Valley Health Coalition Continues Pushing for SJVIA Improvements

Members of our Better Valley Health Coalition attended the July SJVIA board meeting to continue pushing the board to focus on improving its management of the healthcare system that impacts thousands of workers in the Central Valley.

“The time to stand united is now and we can’t do it alone. We need all of us to stand together and call on SJVIA to provide access to affordable quality healthcare for all workers.”  – Ryan Wilson, Tulare County Chapter President

Together, our Coalition has made progress in reshaping the conversation around building better healthcare in the Valley for working families. In Fresno County, workers won some financial relief for rising healthcare costs. Our meetings with SJVIA board members, all of whom are county supervisors we elect, also allow workers to provide key perspectives that have been missing.

Is SJVIA Still A Good Idea in 2016? Highlights of the SJVIA July Meeting:

  • Gallagher Benefit Services presented preliminary rate renewal of healthcare increases of 16 to 20%.
  • Our new healthcare consultant: We brought in our own healthcare consultant Barbara Caress who shared a presentation with the Board highlighting structural problems that have caused erratic premium rate increases over the last few years. Barbara provided concrete suggestions to the SJVIA Board on how to stabilize the plans offered and provide better access to affordable quality healthcare for workers.
  • Better Valley Health Coalition is urging that SJVIA add a labor seat on its board, given that thousands of SEIU members contribute significant funding to the system and yet have no voice or input in its management.
  • The Board approved a Request for Proposal for consulting services currently provided by Gallagher Benefit Services, the current Broker for SJVIA.

This August, SJVIA will be making a final decision on healthcare costs. This means we have time to get active, get involved, and share our stories. As public workers who provide quality services to our community, we too deserve access to quality care for ourselves and our families.

SJVIA mismanagement should not result in unaffordable rate hikes for workers!

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