Former CEO Kristy Sermersheim Comes Out Of Retirement

New Officers
SEIU Local 521 Executive Board has elected Kristy Sermersheim to be Interim Chief Elected Officer of the union, following the departure of Luisa Blue who now serves as SEIU International Executive Vice President.

Some of us may remember Kristy from her previous tenure when she was the Local’s CEO, before retiring in 2013. Kristy is coming out of retirement to support SEIU 521 members as the union undertakes significant transformation to build power for workers. Kristy brings with her a wealth of valuable experience, including more than 40 years of union leadership.

Although she enjoyed her brief retirement, Kristy says she “wouldn’t miss the chance to work with our great members and staff during this difficult but exciting period.”

Kristy’s interim tenure will end in January 2017, at which point SEIU 521 members will hold local-wide elections to choose a new CEO.

The Executive Board also elected Mullissa Willette as Secretary. Mullissa has been a member for five years and works for Santa Clara County as an investigator with the County Assesor’s office.

“I’m very excited for the opportunity to bring fresh energy to the E-Board,” Mullissa said. “I will work to recruit activists of all ages, and to engage members who haven’t been involved previously.” Mulissa also serves as the Deputy Chair for the Santa Clara County Chapter. Her tenure as Secretary will expire in February of 2019.

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4 Responses to “Former CEO Kristy Sermersheim Comes Out Of Retirement”

  1. Joan Goddard says:

    Wonderful that you can do this, Kristy! I’m an Extra Help Librarian and worked today and Sunday so dues will be paid afer a few weeks without working (intentionally). I’m active in 9to5 and still lead the preparing and delivery of packaged (in the downstairs kitchen at 2302 Zanker) 3/4-cookies for high school teachers to catch students’ attention for the women’s wage gap lessons they teach in many high schools around the county. Have often tghought you ight like to participate in the spring, but have not had your personal email address so will look forward to getting that before January! Thanks for all you have done and are doing!

  2. Veronica Frausto says:

    I would like to ask how the “significant transformation” will affect current SEIU 521 workers and their jobs.

  3. Wanda Wallace says:

    Welcome back Kristy!

  4. Gabe Gutierrez says:

    Do you plan On running for CEO?
    you’ll have my vote.

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