Monterey County Wins a Fair Contract

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Monterey County, the votes are in: On August 1st, 85% of you voted in favor of the master contract language in the tentative agreement.

Individual units also voted in favor of the contract language specific to their unit:
Unit J: 85% – Yes
Unit K: 87% – Yes
Unit H: 83% – Yes
Unit F: 75% – Yes
Temps: 71% – Yes

Together, we stood UNITED to FIGHT and WIN a fair contract! This agreement is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of your bargaining team and all of our members who rallied, spoke at the board of supervisors, petitioned and showed visible support for their union and for a strong contract.  This contract prioritizes frontline workers and ensures that Monterey County workers are recognized for the valuable services you provide. This is a powerful contract for working families in Monterey county and we will continue fighting for issues at worksites together.

The contract has already been ratified by the Board of Supervisors and is effective immediately. Members can expect to see the first salary increase reflected in their paycheck on August 26, 2016.
We fought hard for this contract, but it will expire again in 3 years. If we want a successful campaign the next time around, we need to stay engaged, we need to elect politicians who are allies of working families, and we need to ensure that our county and state have secure revenue.

Winning a fair contract is only half the fight. The other half is holding management accountable & making sure they live up to their promises – that’s where our Union Stewards come in. Click here to attend a Steward Training and learn about other ways you can get involved.

Don’t forget to take advantage of your Member Discounts with participating local vendors! Click here for more information and to request your Union Member Benefit Card.
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