Talking Points – August 2016

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“Unions have been the only powerful and effective voice working people have ever had in the history of this country.”
– Bruce Springsteen

Engage Members
Bad Bosses Beware

Tulare County didn’t listen to us, but now a state appellate court has affirmed what workers have been saying all along: the county violated its SEIU contract five years ago when it imposed a freeze on promotions and pay increases. The recent ruling requires the county to award back‐pay.

When workers stand together, we can reverse anti-worker management decisions!

Develop LeadersFighting for the Community

A quality workforce is the backbone of nonprofits like Kern Regional Center (KRC), where kids and adults with disabilities have been getting support for 45 years. KRC workers are coming together to fight a hiring freeze, unreasonable workloads, and expensive healthcare.

Never forget: SEIU leaders are the strongest advocates for our community!

“We need every member to get involved. We need pressure in the field to help our team at the bargaining table.”
– Lindsay Stamboolian, Service Coordinator

Build Political and Community Power
Vote YES on Prop. 55

We all remember how hard the recession hit California schools—teacher layoffs, larger class sizes, cuts to arts & music programs.

By maintaining income tax rates on the wealthiest 2% of Californians, Prop. 55 prevents $4 billion in cuts to education and will improve access to health care for low‐income children.

In November, SEIU members will vote YES on Prop. 55—join us!

WINNERS – Workers Dump Trump

Workers at Donald Trump’s Las Vegas hotel voted in favor of unionization back in December. In his latest attempt to make our country “great,” Trump blocked all negotiations with workers, refusing to meet them halfway.
In July, the National Labor Relations Board denied Trump’s request for a review of the certification, forcing him to put on his big-boy pants and negotiate.

LOSERS – Community Child Care Council of Santa Clara, Inc. (4Cs)

4Cs workers are calling for stronger state oversight of the nonprofit agency which has been plagued with mismanagement. Instead of collaborating with frontline staff to improve services, executives have hired pricey anti-worker lawyers to stall negotiations.

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