Faith in the Valley Founding Event

20160910_142552Activists poured into Fresno from across the Central Valley for the founding meeting of Faith in the Valley on Sept. 10. The roughly 1,500 people who attended represented 120 congregations of many faiths and over 100 SEIU members from different locals. We are united in our shared vision of building political power to return dignity and justice to working families.

Faith in the Valley has partnered with SEIU and Francisco Martinez, a Social Services Worker III in Kern County, was excited to see the groups come together. “I’ve been involved with both groups for years. Now that we’re working together, we will be unstoppable.”

Valerie Lehn-Belerique and Dolores Huerta

Valerie Lehn-Belerique and Dolores Huerta

The gathering outlined a platform including immigrant rights, quality healthcare, better wages, and better working conditions. Speakers stressed the need to put investment in our communities before extraction.

Valerie Lehn-Belerique, a Legal Processing Clerk II in Tulare County, met with Dolores Huerta and they talked the common need for stronger investment in people. “I’m glad to represent Local 521 at an event like this. We’re all in this together.”

After the speeches and workshops, the event ended with a unanimous decision to move forward together to help build a valley economy that works for everyone.


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