Fighting For Veterans: Sheila’s Story


Sheila Challberg is a Veterans Service Representative for Santa Cruz County. In the absence of a County Veterans Service Officer, Sheila stepped up to ensure that veterans in Santa Cruz County continue receiving the services they are need – even though that meant assuming many higher-level responsibilities not listed in her job description. Our contract provides for working out-of-class pay, but the County originally did not recognize Shiela’s work.

After working with our Contract Enforcement Department to file a grievance, Sheila and her Union Steward, Vince Webb, met with management and convinced them to provide payment in recognition for the work she performed. Sheila’s work, which otherwise would not have been completed, made it possible for local veterans to continue receiving vital services from the County.

“Every day, our county staff does amazing and challenging work,” said Vince. “Many employees and supervisors who have retired in recent years have said they would have stayed longer had they felt valued, respected, and appreciated by management. At least our contract gives us some recourse to demand respect, and the outcome of Sheila’s grievance is one step in that direction.”

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