Fight For $15 National Day of Action

Fight For 15 at SFOThe Fight for $15 movement ‘won’t back down’; protests, civil disobedience in 340 cities sweeps nation

We headed to San Francisco Airport (SFO) on November 29 to stand in solidarity with workers nationwide who are fighting for $15 an hour and union rights. 

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Four years after fast-food workers walked off the job in New York City, the Fight for $15 is showing just how much it has grown as massive protests took place across the country. Our National Day of Action, the first since Donald Trump was elected president earlier this month, are sending a strong message that the fight against greedy corporations that underpay their front-line workforces will to continue to intensify regardless of who occupies the White House.

More than 80 percent of today’s jobs are service sector jobs. There is no reason these jobs cannot be good jobs—as good as or even better than the manufacturing jobs we have lost. It is time to turn service and care jobs in every industry into good jobs now and for the next generation.

Fast-food, airport, contingent faculty, home care and child care workers turned out by the thousands as they attempt to build on the success of recent years—including winning $15/hour minimum wage legislation in cities and states across the country.

Together, we can make it happen. Just think about all the progress we have done in four years through the Fight for 15. We won $15 in California, and we have pushed some cities in the Bay Area to get to $15 sooner.

SEIU President Mary Kay Henry said in a statement: “Together, we will continue to fight in the streets until greedy corporations and the politicians who favor them over working people take steps to restore the chance for all American families to get ahead. We will not stop until all work is valued and every community has the chance to thrive.”

Child Care Teachers

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