California Officials Support the ACA

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California state leaders are asking Rep. Kevin McCarthy to represent his constituents and the people of California. Four elected officials, Gov. Jerry Brown, Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, California State Senate Pro Tem Kevin De Leon, and Chair of the California Senate Health Committee Dr. Ed Hernandez have all signed letters in support of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Six influential statewide organizations representing California county programs have also signed a letter warning our congressional delegation about the dire consequences repealing could have on our state. The organizations are the California State Association of Counties, the California Association Of Public Hospitals And Health Systems, the County Behavioral Health Directors Association, the County Health Executives Association Of California, the County Medical Services Program, and the Child Welfare Directors Association.

Gov. Brown appeals to Rep. McCarthy’s ties to the business community:

Repealing the Affordable Care Act with no real replacement won’t just leave millions of people without care; it will destabilize the commercial market for small business owners and individuals. In a collapsing market, these business owners and individuals could face significant premium increases, out of reach for many.

As California’s Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones has in-depth knowledge of how the market works and how changes can have ripple effects in the market. He talks at length about the gains we have made with the ACA in place and says, “With ‘repeal and replace’ there is no soft landing. Even ‘repeal and delay’ creates market uncertainty that would likely result in market collapse.”

The letter co-signed by Sens. De Leon and Hernandez is also heavy on facts and figures. They end by reminding Rep. McCarthy of their shared duty to protect the people they represent. “Thank you for your time and consideration on this important issue. It goes without saying the stakes could not be higher. The lives and livelihoods of millions of Californians we represent are in jeopardy. This is not the time for partisanship, political spin, or hyperbole. This is a time to do everything within our power as elected officials who are constitutionally obligated to protect the people of our great state.”

The stakes for the health of our communities has never been higher. Read the letters and get involved today.

Letter from Gov. Brown (PDF)
Letter from Commissioner Dave Jones (PDF)
Letter from Sens. De Leon and Hernandez (PDF)
Joint California County ACA Letter to Congress (PDF)

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