Defend California!

California’s values and our people are under threat. Congress threatens to tear apart our communities and reverse the progress we have made as a state. But we can stop it – if we fight back.

Here are important actions to fight back. Join us!

URGENT ALERT: U.S. House Voting on First Step to Repeal ACA

Take Action Now!
We cannot go backward to the days when everyone lived at the mercy of insurance companies, children could be denied healthcare coverage for having asthma, and medical bills drove families into bankruptcy. When calling, say: Show us your plan to lower costs and improve healthcare for American families. We need CareNotChaos and we will continue to #Fight4ourhealth.

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Nearly half of the population in Kern and Tulare Counties relies on some form of subsidized insurance, so come and join us in Bakersfield on January 27.

Stay tuned and check this page frequently. More actions and events will be added soon. 

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