Tulare Members Brave Storm to #Fight4ourhealth

Tulare vigil ACA
Members braved the rain on Jan. 18 in Tulare County to call out Rep. Devin Nunes for opposing the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In the last 6 years, 60,000 people in Tulare County are newly insured and 20,000 people get their insurance through Covered California. Additionally, over 400,000 people or 55% percent of Tulare County residents rely on Medi-Cal. 4,000 jobs in Tulare County are also at stake.

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Statewide, California stands to lose 20 dollars in federal funding and 5 million California residents could lose their health coverage.

Greg Gomez, an IT System Administrator II with Tulare County, said:

“The ACA helped restore balance to a system that benefited very few at the expense of nearly everyone else. 20,000 people in Tulare County have insurance through Covered California and almost 60,000 more people in Tulare County have insurance. The uninsured went from over 15% to just 7.4. We did all of this and we saved the federal government billions in the process because people with insurance use health services differently.”

Rep. Nunes cannot pretend to represent his district and support the repeal of the ACA without a plan to protect his constituents.

Get involved! Continue to write and call Rep. Nunes and #fight4ourhealth!

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