Crowd rallies for ACA at McClintock Townhall

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Our activism is moving public opinion on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The rallies, protests, marches and vigils have caught on and anti-healthcare congresspeople are facing intense pressure in their districts. SEIU members have been on the front lines across the state in the fight for our health and our efforts are paying off.

Hundreds of ACA supporters gathered at a town hall on Feb. 4 in Roseville, CA. to demand that Congressman Tom McClintock defend his constituents and fight for our health. Even the majority of the 200 attendees inside the town hall were there to oppose the reckless repeal of the ACA. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, nearly 27,000 people in McClintock’s district are enrolled in the program.

Supporters held signs and chanted both inside and outside the hall. Although McClintock didn’t change his views during the event, he is being forced to defend his position in public.

The Sacramento Bee had harsh words for the congressman who shut the event down early because the crowd didn’t agree with him.

“After a dozen or so questions, McClintock scurried away, cowering theatrically behind a needless police escort. Or maybe it wasn’t theater. Maybe all those people shouting “Shame!” and “Vote him out!” really did hurt his sensitive ears and scare him.
Either way, there was not only no anarchy, there wasn’t even disorder. Everyone was polite and the demonstrators applauded the police at the end of the protest.”

Elsewhere in California, Congressman Kevin McCarthy is also under fire. Citing the impact that a repeal would have on over 50 percent of Kern County residents, the Bakersfield Californian released an editorial opinion saying the congressman needs to stop hiding. The article called the congressman out for his cowardice, saying, “As he does in the nation’s capital, we ask McCarthy to lead in his district. Get out in front of these controversies. Meet with activists. Hold town halls. Actually go out into the community to hear people’s diverse concerns. Find ways to assure all of your constituents — not just the ones who voted for you — that you are hearing and understanding them.”

They also talked about a recent action that we held at McCarthy’s office. “They found the congressman’s office door locked. McCarthy’s staff responded to a Californian reporter by telling her to read an opinion article the congressman released on Jan. 19. A closed door and “no comment” is not leadership. McCarthy is going to have to do much, much better.
A closed door and “no comment” is not leadership. McCarthy is going to have to do much, much better.”

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