Disaster Relief Fund for SEIU 521 Members

Many of our SEIU 521 union brothers and sisters in Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz counties have been affected by the storms and floods in February 2017. Families had to be evacuated, belongings have been destroyed, and houses are in need of clean up.

“On February 21, the Coyote Creek overflowed it banks and flooded the mobile home park that I live in. My elderly mother, daughter and I were forced to evacuate. My mother has some medical issues that would make it very uncomfortable for to stay at an overnight shelter, so I paid for a hotel. I really couldn’t afford the room but had no choice. Our park was without gas, electricity, and water for five days. We had to throw away most of the food in our refrigerator, and everything in the freezer. We can’t afford flood insurance so I cannot get that money back. Please consider donating to our SEIU 521 disaster relief fund to help our brothers and sisters who have lost their cars and furnishings, and in some cases their homes. Thank you.”
– Laurie A., Santa Clara County Worker and SEIU 521 Member


If you prefer to write a check, here is the information:

Payable to: SEIU Local 521
MEMO: FLOOD disaster 2017
Bring or mail checks to SEIU Local 521, 2302 Zanker Rd., San Jose, CA 95131
ATTN: Ming Lee, Finance Director

SEIU 521 Executive Officers also approved $15,000 to be donated for flood relief efforts in the counties affected on February 28. The SEIU 521 Disaster Relief Fund is strictly for members’ contributions and will benefit SEIU 521 members and their families affected by the floods and storms.

“I have worked for the Department of Family and Children’s services for 26 years as a social worker and a social work supervisor. My small home is on the East side of the Santa Cruz mountains by a beautiful creek. This has been my source of peace and rejuvenation and the place I have raised my daughter for the past 26 years. Last year I was in the center of the Loma fire and almost lost my home. This year we have had so much rain that there is now a landslide that is up the creek from my home. I have been notified by the County that it may slip and come down the creek at any time taking out my home. I am disabled and cannot move quickly and so have been unable to live in my home. I do not know when or if I will be able to go back. I have been living with friends but will soon need to rent a room from someone if I cannot go home. I still have a mortgage to pay and my insurance does not cover land/mudslides. I am heartbroken at the thought that I could lose the place that has been my place of refuge. Any help at all would be appreciated as I cannot afford to pay mortgage and rent, but I may have no choice.”
– Beth M., Santa Clara County Social Worker and SEIU 521 Member


The worst flooding in 100 years forced the evacuations of at least 14,000 residents in San Jose on February 21st and 22nd. The most severe flooding has taken place in neighborhoods along Coyote Creek, which includes a number of low-income communities. See the news coverage here.

“In my San Jose neighborhood, many residents and families were evacuated and are now dealing with damages to their homes and belongings. I was lucky and not affected by much directly. But many others, including some of our members and their families were not so lucky.

I would like to call on all of you to help out our affected members and their families at gofundme.com/seiu521relief.

In Unity!”

– Melanie Martinez, Santa Clara County Sr. Health Services Rep. and SEIU 521 Member

What can you do?

Please donate here. Your donation will help provide relief to our affected members and their families.

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Click here to print and distribute flyer.

If you need assistance:

Santa Clara County Storm and Information Resources
Check out this web page for utility service billing deferral for customers in flood-affected areas, temporary property tax relief for flood victims, and more resources.

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