Encompass Community Services Begin Fight for Fair Contract


“Escucha, Escucha! Estamos en la lucha!”

Bilingual chants filled the air at Encompass Community Services’ first unity rally on March 27. The rally kicked off the beginning of Encompass workers’ fight for a fair contract – the early childcare providers are fighting for a living wage, improved working conditions, and pay that reflects the value of their professional qualifications as educators.

Encompass workers in Santa Cruz County provide vital Head Start and preschool childcare services to our community. Over the years, these childcare providers have been working to improve the quality of early education in Santa Cruz and Watsonville, but as parents themselves, Encompass workers have struggled to afford the same quality of care for their own children.

Rent, gas, and food prices continuously increase, but Encompass salaries haven’t budged. Rising healthcare costs have placed an additional burden on educators who are making the same amount as fast-food workers, despite their professional degrees and certifications. Many Encompass workers have put in over 20 years and have seen less than $1 increase in their wages.

The health of our community depends on access to early education and quality childcare. Please support Encompass workers in their fight for dignity and respect in the workplace! View and share additional photos and video from the rally on Facebook.




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