Fresno Hearing Highlights Importance of the Fight for Our Health

20170322_122811Hundreds of community members including Local 521 members stood up to fight for our health on the eve of Congress’ potentially catastrophic vote to take away our healthcare. The Assembly Health Committee and the Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services held a hearing on March 22 to look at the effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on families in the Central Valley.

Rogenia Cox, an SEIU member at the Fresno County Department of Public Health, talked about her work connecting the community with care.

“Without the ACA, there’s going to be a domino effect in our communities. More people will not get preventative care and have to get treated when they are sicker and more expensive to treat. They’re also going to make more people in our communities sick while they wait to get treatment.”20170322_123420

Cassie Kifer, a new Honorary SEIU Local 521 member, came from the Bay Area to address the hearing. She talked about her mother who would not be able to walk without the medication covered by the ACA. As a small business owner, she also knows that without the ACA, she will be forced to close her business.

“This small inconvenience pales in comparison to the problems for my mother. She is a home care worker who cannot walk without her medication. Without the ACA and Medi-Cal expansion, she cannot work. If she can’t work and can’t get insurance, what can she do?”

California and the Valley have a lot at stake in the plan that threatens to strip healthcare from the people who need it most. As a result of the ACA, millions of people in California and around the country have quality, affordable health care. Those gains in health care coverage will be radically changed if the proposal before Congress is passed. In addition, the state has billions of dollars at stake because the existing health care safety net is supported by a significant amount of federal funding that goes to jobs connecting people to the care they need. The federal government must continue to ensure that low-income Americans have access to health care.

Congress will vote on the ACA repeal March 23. Call Congress at (866) 426-2631 and stop this bill from going any further.

Take action in the next 24 hours to #fight4ourhealth!

News coverage:
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