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The Make-Or-Break Vote Could Happen in the Next Few Hours

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Keep Calling!

We know our calls are working – U.S. Speaker Paul Ryan has already had to postpone the vote once. Now President Trump has asked for a take it or leave it vote today (Friday, March 24) on the cruel American Health Care Act (AHCA), without any independent analysis of last minute amendments that strip away patient protections ensuring essential health benefits.

Earlier analyses of the bill shows that the law would lead to over 24 million more uninsured Americans, and higher premiums and deductibles for many more. Passage of this bill would set back our progress in covering more Californians. Communities will suffer and jobs in healthcare will be cut.

“Last night, Congressional leaders caved to special interests and made a bad bill even worse. Not only does it raise premiums and deductibles, it now allows insurance companies stop offering basic services like maternity care, check-ups for kids, prescription drugs or even hospital and doctor visits. I work at the Public Health Department in Fresno County. I know first-hand how this bill will impact working families in California.”
– Rogenia Cox, Communicable Disease Specialist II, Fresno County

Urge a NO vote because:

  • It raises premiums by 20 percent, charges people over 50 five times more than younger enrollees and increases out-of-pocket costs and deductibles, while leaving 24 million more people uninsured.
  • The changes made yesterday to Essential Health Benefits makes coverage worse for almost everybody.
  • It effectively eliminates annual out-of-pocket caps and reinstates annual and lifetime coverage limits, hurting those with the most serious illnesses, like cancer. The 150 million people with employer-sponsored insurance will be at risk too.
  • It guts protections for preexisting conditions because most insurance policies won’t include coverage for essential benefits, like maternity care, resulting in soaring costs for those who need them.
  • Medicaid cuts and changes to health insurance rules will dramatically limit access to mental health and opioid use disorder treatment, even with a last-minute infusion of inadequate funding in the bill.

Thank you for all your work so far. Keep it up!

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