Congress: Show Us Your Healthcare Plan

Congress is secretly working on a “repeal-and-replace” bill that is likely to not have a Congressional Budget Score. This means we won’t know how many people will lose coverage or know the ramifications of the bill before it’s voted on. We must spend today and tomorrow mobilizing our co-workers, partner activists and allies to start calling Congress and saying no to a secret plan.

Call-in numbers in English/Spanish are available now. Calls made from California will rotate to all targeted House members from your state. You may be connected to Congress members who represent other parts of California. Be firm about being a California resident and wanting to ensure a plan is properly reviewed before it gets jammed through.

Here are 3 actions you can take today to defend Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

1. Call (866) 426-2631

The basic message is: Congress is ignoring the will of the people and rushing to rip apart healthcare for millions of people – and now are hiding their replacement plan. They aren’t sharing who would be covered, who would lose coverage and who would be forced to pay insurance companies more.

Call (866) 426-2631 (877-736-7831 Spanish) NOW.

Ask Congress: “What’s the big secret? Show us your plan that allows 30 million Americans to keep their coverage, protects Medicaid, and makes monthly premiums, co-pays and prescription medicines affordable for all.”

Are the lines busy? Use this tool to get a call back.

2. Post to Social Media

Here are Facebook and Twitter posts you can share right away to activate calls.

3. Join future phone banks and actions in your area (more phone banks to come)

Calendar of events HERE at

Get more involved!

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