The Purple Buzz – March 2017

The Purple Buzz
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Stop Gorsuch

Stop Gorsuch

Working families want good jobs, the opportunity for a better life, and a real voice in our economy and democracy. Judge Gorsuch doesn’t stand with working families to achieve this and will only help further rig the system.


Join the National Call-In Day to Protect Our Care


Call 866-426-2631 on March 16 to tell Congress: Vote “no” on the new healthcare bill. We can’t afford for healthcare and Medicaid to be taken away from children, seniors and people with disabilities who need it most, and for monthly premiums and co-pays to go up for all Americans.
Lives are at risk. Jobs are on the line. Communities will suffer.

Don’t forget to share your story of how you, your patients and loved ones would be affected:

Help Out Our Members in Need

“On February 21, the Coyote Creek overflowed it banks and flooded the mobile home park that I live in.  My elderly mother, daughter and I were forced to evacuate.  My mother has some medical issues that would make it very uncomfortable for to stay at an overnight shelter, so I paid for a hotel. I really couldn’t afford the room but had no choice. Our park was without gas, electricity, and water for five days.  We had to throw away most of the food in our refrigerator, and everything in the freezer.  We can’t afford flood insurance so I cannot get that money back.”
– Laurie A., Santa Clara County Worker

Please consider donating to our SEIU 521 disaster relief fund to help our brothers and sisters who have lost their cars and furnishings, and in some cases their homes:

SEIU Local 521 Scholarship

College goals can be expensive. SEIU Local 521 awards yearly college scholarship opportunities that enable members and their children to pursue their educational goals at colleges, universities, labor study programs and technical schools. The deadline is coming up! Applications must be received by March 31, 2017.

For more information:

Women’s History Month

International Women's Day

SEIU 521 Members participated in the San Jose International Women’s Day on March 8. The “Day Without A Woman” rally was calling for equal pay, reproductive freedom, immigrant rights and an end to sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

Get Involved!
Join our caucuses and committees:

For other news, check out the March edition of our Talking Points:

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