SBC Board Approves Excessive Raise for CAO Ray Espinosa

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On March 28, the Board of Supervisors approved two major items that are completely at-odds with our community’s best interest:

– $234,000 contract (covering 7 months at $195 per hour.) with 4Leaf for 2 “Interim Directors” directors in RMA to replace the recently departed Director.

– Over 26% raise to CAO Ray Espinosa effective April 9, bringing his current annual salary to over $211,000.  Another 5% increase will be added upon Ray’s completion of an undergraduate degree.

Our county is struggling to retain workers, who are taking jobs in neighboring jurisdictions because SB County wages are not enough to make ends meet.  Despite this, Board Chair Jaime De La Cruz state that it is important to increase Ray’s salary before he takes a higher paying job elsewhere.  Further more, a recent reduction in salary for the Assistant (now “Deputy”) CAO position will only serve to fund Ray’s new raise.

Why is it OK to continually lose critical front line staff, but not high paid managers and consultants?

Clearly the County has money to spend – and they’d rather spend it on an unqualified and uneducated CAO, instead of frontline workers that keep our community running.  Our contract is expiring soon, and one this is for sure:  We will not let the county balance the budget on our backs any longer!

Read more about the raise and Chapter President Suzy Caston’s response:

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